Our spot order process "quick and simple":

Our spot order process

 "quick and simple"

1. You order by sending Artisan an email. Send an email.

2. Artisan sends a contract.

3. Artisan arranges shipping, if you'd like, (value added service at cost, no upcharge).

4. Pay invoice.

5. Coffee released with a DO sent to the warehouse.

6. Coffee usually ships the next day.

Download our detailed step-by-step order process.

Forward Contracts

Most of Artisan's coffee is sold via fixed price, forward contracts with roasters. This means the roaster signs a contract with Artisan before the coffee has shipped. This gives roasters the advantage of securing good coffee and being able to plan for its arrival. The contract has quality terms that must be achieved at the pre-ship sample stage and on arrival. Price and terms for payment are also defined. The disadvantage for roasters is needing to forecast. We typically start signing contracts for Rwandan coffee in Feb. - April for coffee that arrives Oct. - Nov.

Our minimum is 1 bag (132 lbs) of coffee. Small roasters welcome!

Email Ruth Ann today with any questions!

Consolidate Your Order

Roasters save money on shipping when they combine less-than-10-bag orders from different importers. Please see the step-by-step instructions (download) and see if it works for you!