Ruth Church and Francine, president of Agasaro sign contract
Francine, president of Agasaro, signing Artisan's contract

Rwanda Agasaro

Women-grown: Agasaro means “precious bead” or “pearl”

Parent coop: COCAGI (Coopérative des Caféicultureurs de Gishoma). Amazing microlots!

Quality: grade A1, +15 screen, specialty grade, Euro preparation, clean cup.

Certification: Fair Trade; Rainforest Alliance with special order

Variety: Arabica, Bourbon; Grade: A1, screen 15+

Region/Coop: Western Province, Rusizi district; Elevation: 5,500 ft / 1,600 meters

Processing: Fully washed, dried on raised beds

Odette MUREKATETE president at sewing machine

Rwanda Rambagirakawa

Women-grown - "Rambagirakawa" means 'professional women owning and growing coffee trees.'

Parent Cooperative: Dukundekawa. Offering amazing microlots!

Variety: Arabica-Bourbon; Grade: A1, screen 14 - 16

Region: North, Gakenke district; Musasa washing station. Elevation: 5,200-6,000 ft/ 1,600-1,800m

Processing: Fully-washed, raised-bed sun-drying. With special order: honey, natural

Certifications: Fair-trade; With special order: Rainforest, certified organic 

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Rwanda Agaseke

Women-grown - "Agaseke" is the also the name of a classic Rwandan basket with a pointed top. It is used to present gifts.

Parent Cooperative: Kopakaki Dutegure. Offering amazing microlots!

Variety: Arabica-Bourbon; Grade: A1, screen 13 - 16

Region: West, Karongi district; Elevation: 5,200-6,000 ft/ 1,600-1,800m

Processing: Fully-washed, raised-bed sun-drying

Certification with special order: Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance

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Woman picking coffee
Angelique TUYISENGE of Kungahara

Rwanda - Kungahara

Women-grown "Kungahara" means "be rich" in Kinyarwanda. Ms. TUYISENGE is president of the young group of 206 women.

Parent Cooperative: Bwishaza, 596 members, (200 women). Offering amazing microlots!

Variety: Arabica-Bourbon; Grade: A1, screen 13 - 16

Region: West, Rutsiro district; Elevation: 1,650-1,800 masl

Certifications: None at this time.

Processing: Fully-washed, raised-bed sun-drying. With special order: natural, carbonic, anaerobic

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Female farmer picking coffee cherry from tree

Rwanda Ejo Heza

Women-grown - "Ejo Heza" means bright tomorrow.

Cooperative: Kopakama Cooperative. 2021 season only: offering container loads, no microlots.

Certifications Available Now: Fair Trade; Rainforest Alliance; With special order: Organic certified

Variety: Arabica-Bourbon;   Grade: A1, screen 15+

Region: Western Province, Rutsiro distrct; Elevation: 6,000 ft/1,600-1,800m

Processing: Fully-washed, raised-bed sun-drying

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Female farmer pouring cup of Ethiopian coffee

Ethiopia Dehab's Diamond


Co-owner and primary executive: Dehab Bitewlign

Variety: Arabica-Bourbon;   Grade:  Grade 1, Grade 2 

Region: Kaffa zone, Gimbo woreda, Tulla kebele (SNNPR) Elevation:  5,900-6,100 ft/ 1,800-1,880m

Processing: Natural, dried on raised beds

Printable info sheet on Ethiopia Dehab's Diamond

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