Transparent Trade

Call it "direct trade", "farm direct" or "relationship coffee", Artisan helps craft roasters connect with farmers who are passionate about coffee and creating partnerships. Offering detailed information and feedback both directions - from origin to consuming country and back - Artisan works to ensure the coffee trade benefits both sides, and creates sustainability.

Try us! Ask the questions you thought no one would answer like, "exactly how much did the farmer get paid?" or "What is the farmer's cost of production?"

"I get to go many places, but I rarely get to spend quality time with the people who make the coffee so special. I love how Artisan brings us into a closer relationship with Ejo Heza producers."
-Aaron Van der Groen, Ritual Coffee Roasters

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Cups of coffee ready to be cupped

Decaf Coffee

Artisan is proud of our tradition of offering specialty roasters great tasting, green decaffeinted coffee. Our decafs are fully traceable to the cooperative level at least, and often to a specific farmer.  On aroma, flavor and freshness, our decafs must pass high Q Grader standards in order to be offered to craft roasters.

We also continue to educate specialty coffee professionals about the facts of decaffeination. Bottom line: decaf can be part of your brand that emphasizes taste and quality!

There are 4 decaffeination processes:

1) Water-based solvent

2) Super-critical CO2 solvent

3) Methylene-chloride solvent

4) Ethyl Acetate solvent