Our Vision

Offering roasters high quality green coffee, tasting great, delivered on‐time and meeting all their expectations for flavor, freshness, shelf‐life, and marketing support. At origin, producers receive business planning, supply chain process management and impact assessment support, uplifting quality and maximizing margins.

How Artisan Started

Ruth Ann Church founded Artisan Coffee Imports in 2009. She realized too many producers growing great-tasting coffee were not connecting with the roasters seeking that quality. With deep understanding of global trade from field experience spanning 20+ years and several continents, Ruth Ann had also built her knowledge of logistics and operations. She loves using these skills to connect coffee farmers at origin to roasters in search of flavor for the cup.

Supply chain sustainability consulting was added in 2016 to support the mission by helping farmers achieve quality and profitability. Ruth Ann is a certified Q Grader, frequent instructor and presenter, and completed a second master’s degree in 2017, M.S. Community Sustainability, from Michigan State University. Her most treasured experience is when she was living in Rwanda with her family for a year, 2015 - 2016.

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