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As an artisan roaster, you’ve got enough to manage. Artisan eliminates the hassle and time-wasters for roasters seeking high quality decaf.

Region/Cooperative:   Ejo Heza – women’s coffee; members KOPAKAMA cooperative. The Kopakama cooperative is independent and cooperatively (not privately) owned. They’ve been in operation since 1998 and have 775 members, 474 men and 301 women.  The women were supported to form their own “sub-cooperative” in 2009 named Ejo Heza.

Location:              Rutsiro district, western province. Beautiful view of Lake

Certification:       Fair Trade, Rainforest Allaince


Contact us for samples and pricing. +1-734-727-6278 or email rachurch [at symbol] We offer price breaks at lower volumes than others, because we focus solely on the “low volume” world of decaf.

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These coffees are sourced through our partners so that we have transparency to the cooperative level. We can provide details about the coop name, location, altitude and photos to help you highlight how special your decaf is. We also urge you to request a sample. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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Rwanda KOPAKAMA Ejo Heza Lot B  Nov. 20, 2017 Conti or Annex

Services: toll decaffeination

Wish you could offer that  special bean as a decaf, too? But don’t want the hassle? Call to discuss how Artisan can arrange the decaf processing for your company’s beans. Financing available.

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