Artisan Green Coffee That Meets Your Standards

Artisan Coffee Imports enables craft roasters to offer regular and decaffeinated coffees that meet the high standards they set, never compromising their promise of offering top quality coffee.

Artisan Coffee Imports welcomes everyone to our cupping of Rwandan and Burundian coffee – most grown by women, including the Rwanda Ejo Heza group of Rwandan women. Our guest speaker will be Furaha Umwizeye Teuscher, Chairwoman of Teuscher Invest/Kivubelt, a large coffee farm in Rwanda.
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Green Coffee

The only green coffee we sell is specialty grade,  single origin green coffee – regular and decaffeinated. Some roasters lament the fact that when it comes to decaf, they no longer have access to the coffee’s “lineage” and story  — who was the grower? what was the altitude? what varietal,  region and process method? Artisan believes even decaf coffee can offer this level of transparency. Contact Artisan today.

Consulting service for roasters concerned about operations at origin.

Roasters are finding their bottom line and their customers’ best interests require more data-driven insights about what is happening at origin. Impact assessment, monitoring and evaluation of programs and our unique “Lean at Origin” strategic process can help improve the efficiency of your supply chain. Learn more here or contact Ruth Ann to find out how Artisan Coffee Consulting can improve your business.

Quality Decaf Coffee

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