Frustrated With Decafs That Don’t Meet Your Standards?

Artisan Coffee Imports enables craft roasters to offer decaffeinated coffees that meet the high standards they set, not compromising their promise of offering top quality coffee.

Are you a roaster who dreads the day it’s “decaf cupping day” and finds it absurd how much time has to be invested to find quality coffee for a small slice of your business? Artisan sells only specialty grade decaffeinated single origin green coffee, cupping each one before samples are sent to you. Then we want to hear your opinion. We also arrange custom toll decaffeination, providing inventory efficiency and cash flow advantages.

Some roasters lament the fact that when it comes to decaf, they no longer have access to the coffee’s “lineage” and story  — who was the grower? what was the altitude? what varietal,  region and process method? Artisan believes even decaf coffee can offer this level of transparency.

Take the worry and nuisance out of decaf. Save your time and attention for the “big part” of your business, regular coffees, and still offer the best decaf in town. Contact Artisan today.

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