Consulting for Sustainability at Origin


Improve the efficiency of your supply chain through:

  • Impact assessment at origin
  • Monitoring and evaluation of programs at origin
  • Our unique “Lean at Origin” strategic process uses a data-driven approach supplemented by Ruth Ann’s 20 years of business experience and a passion for quality coffee. Click here to go to a post on our Resiliency Coffee Blog about a recent Lean at Origin implementation.
  • Cost of Production. Click here for a blog post about our work in this area.
  • Gender in coffee. Ruth Ann chairs the IWCA committee that is forging the way to reduce the gender data gap in coffee. See the Research Alliance page.

What is “Lean at Origin”?

It’s a belief that producers are small business-people who make the best decisions they can about how to invest their scarce resources. Lean tools help them to:

  • Identify inefficiencies and waste 
  • Identify root causes and increase productivity with repeatable, teachable processes
  • Improve sustainability by eliminating waste and empowering front-line workers

These fundamentals of quality production have been proven over decades by thousands of small, mom & pop machine shops in the automotive industry. Ruth Ann grew up near the Motor City and for 8 years has helped small manufacturers to compete better on the global playing field.

The concepts have been tested through Ruth Ann’s field research at Rwandan washing stations, and now they are now taking hold in coffee supply chains around the world.

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