Speaker at 2017 Re:Co Symposium in Seattle

On April 19, 2017 Ruth Ann Church was a speaker at Re:Co Symposium on the topic of “Determinants of Farmer Investment in Coffee: Finding a Path to Sustainable Growth in Rwanda.”  She shared the story of the research team she was part of at Michigan State University that has supported policy change on the low farm-gate price scenario in Rwanda. With data on cost of production, gross margins, incentives and capacity, the team was able to arm decision-makers for tough price negotiations for 2017.

AGLC – Apr. 2016 – Baseline Survey Major Sections

Click here to see the .pdf listing survey sections.

The major sections of the Africa Great Lakes Coffee project baseline survey are listed in the document link below. The survey included about 350 questions and required about two hours for each farmer interview. Enumerators would meet the farmer (randomly chosen from a washing station list), conduct part 1 at the farmer’s home, and the rest of the survey was conducted in the farmer’s coffee fields.

Artisan Coffee Imports brings traceability and affordable premium decaf beans

Mar. 8, 2013 – The Great Lakes Etrepreneur’s Quest (GLEQ) presented awards to the mid-year winners in its thirteenth year of the statewide business plan competition on Thursday, January 31, at the ACE’13 event in LIvonia. One of the ten GLEQ Vision to Action Challenge Winners, Artisan Coffee Imports, (ACI) is now initiating projects that will bring high quality, traceable decaffeinated coffee to US roasters at an affordable price.

Click to launch .pdf, Mar. 8, 2013 press release