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At Artisan Coffee Imports, we’re passionate about creating connections. Our company was founded on the principle that there are far too many artisan growers in coffee origin countries that are still not connecting with artisan roasters in the north.
By helping to create connections at origin, Artisan establishes and multiplies the number of win-win relationships between growers and roasters of specialty coffees. Rwandan coffee is our forte because Ruth Ann lived and worked there 2015 – 2016 and the demand for Rwanda’s incredible Arabica taste, grown in ideal conditions for specialty is known throughout the world. We also want to provide high-quality decaf!  Historically abused and ignored, decaf is no longer considered an evil necessity by the upper echelons of coffee roasters. Instead, they look to supply the growing number of decaffeinated coffee drinkers who pay the price to have specialty grade beans decaffeinated, craft-roasted and brewed with care.
Ruth Ann Church: President, Chief Relationship Creator and Decaf Coffee Drinker
PickingCoffeeInElSalvadorSpanning the globe and driving the backroads of America, Ruth Ann never tires of the quest to create relationships between coffee farmers at origin and roasters in search of flavor for the cup. Back when she was an economics graduate student, Ruth Ann did field research with small farmers in the state of Puebla, Mexico. Her depth of understanding of global trade issues, logistics and operations has continued to deepen in the 20 years since that time. Ruth Ann’s passion for the coffee industry was ignited by interactions with roasters, farmers and others on the cutting edge of creating direct trade relationships. In October 2011 she completed her Q Grader certification, which enables customers to have even more certainty in her assessment of what is great-tasting coffee. August 2017 she completed a masters degree in Community Sustainability at Michigan State University. This degree enabled her to get educated by agricultural value chain experts at MSU! Give us a call and let us help you improve the taste and profit margins of the decaf portion of your business. 734-717-6278.

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